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OWASP Threat Dragon Downloads


The desktop and we app;lication versions of Threat Dragon can be downloaded from the OWASP GitHub area. See the detailed install instructions for the desktop versions or the web application version

Training materials


A recording of Mike Goodwin giving a lightning demo during the OWASP Open Security Summit in June 2020

A good introduction to Threat Dragon is provided by the OWASP Spotlight series. The Threat Modeling Gamification seminar by Vlad Styran shows how using Threat Dragon can make threat modeling fun.

OWASP Portland Training Day 2021

‘Enter the Dragon’ demonstration model first step is the project creation, second step has the diagram filled in, and final step includes some threats

‘Enter the Dragon’ slide deck in PDF and Libre Office OpenDocument Presentation

OWASP Bristol chapter

Presentation at the Bristol chapter meeting November 2019 in OpenDocument Presentation format

Presentation at the Bristol chapter meeting September 2017 , OpenDocument Presentation format, abbreviated version and longer version