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OWASP Threat Dragon


Threat Dragon has a growing collection of utilities and scripts which can be used to convert file formats, interface to bug tracking, and so on. If you have scripts of your own that you would like to contribute to the Threat Dragon community then this would be most welcome, see the contributing guide.

Conversion from Microsoft Threat Modeling Tool

The TMT2TD python script converts an Microsoft Threat Modeling Tool file .tm7 file to a Threat Dragon .json file.

Run the script using python and select the TM7 file, the script will then output a file with the same name but using a .json extension. Included with the script is an example TM7 file and the transpiled Threat Dragon file.

threat-dragon$ python --version
Python 3.9.5
threat-dragon$ python

Integration Threat Modeling with Jira (ITMJ)

The ITMJ project aims to have a greater visibility of the possible threats and a better tracking of the actions taken to mitigate them.

  • TM data generated automatically within the backlog of each project.
  • Dual sync between Threat Dragon and project management.


  • You need to install requests library for python: pip install requests
  • You need to add credentials in config.ini file

Run the code

  • To run the code: python3 [path threat dragon file] [key project] [epic project]
  • Example: python3 td_json/test1.json ITMJ ITMJ-2